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The Independent Oversight Authority for Intelligence Activities OA-IA supervises the intelligence activities of the Federal Intelligence Service, the Armed Forces Intelligence Service, the cantonal law enforcement agencies as well as commissioned third parties and other bodies. It examines the activities for their legality, expediency and effectiveness. It coordinates its activities with other federal and cantonal supervisory bodies. The OA-IA is independent and not bound by instructions.

"18 out of 18": The oversight authority on intelligence activities OA-IA publishes its annual report 2021

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Bern, 31 March 2022 - The independent oversight authority on intelligence activities (OA-IA) conducted 18 audits of the intelligence services in 2021 and made 18 recommendations. This represents a significant reduction in the number of recommendations compared to recent years. The new annual report 2021 presents the most important findings from the perspective of intelligence oversight. It is the last report under the leadership of Thomas Fritschi, who left the OA-IA at the end of March 2022.

Annual Report 2021